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Who am I? I live near Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. My day job is a night job - I'm a full time bass player. During the day - when I'm not practicing my bass (or reading, or fishing) - I make pipes in my garage workshop. I've been making pipes since July 2010. I started through budding interests in wood carving and pipe smoking. It was a natural fit. I'm continually refining my process so that I can make better pipes, and make them more efficiently.  I've gotten and continue to get advice from master pipe makers.

The bowls of my pipes are briar, and the stems are either ebonite or Lucite. I make them with a combination of power tools and hand work. Unless otherwise stated, all pipes will pass a pipe cleaner.

If you'd like a pipe that isn't on the "for sale" page, I'm glad to consider custom orders.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I'm always interested in hearing what people think.